The type of cut-off wheels is 41 400х4х32 hand-feed “open” 15-04-2015

JSC Luga Abrasive Plant has developed a new series of cut-off wheels for hand-held and automatic machines for metal cutting. The type of cut-off wheels is 41 400х4х32 hand-feed “open”.

The wheels type 41 400х4х32 has open side surface.

In accordance with USSR (State Standard Specification) Р 52588-2011 “Abrasive tools. Safety requirements”, maximum operation speed of the wheel on the machine is 3850 rpm (80 m/s).

In comparison with similar wheels type 41 400х4х32 hand-feed closed side surface, 

the main advantages of the wheels:

  • High resistance of the wheel, which allow don’t use high effort at the cutting (soft cut)
  • High performance in-cut
  • Temperature decrease in the cutting area will allow more qualitative cuts. It greatly decreases the risk of metals restructuring – “cauterizations

Example of identifying code at the time of order:

41 400х4х32 А 24 S BF 80 2 Hand-feed “open” – quantity, pcs  (in multiples of packing unit).

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