A new form of discs 2Ab made from fiber grinding material 09-02-2015

Luga Abrasive Plant has expanded its range of products on a flexible basis. We released a new form of discs 2Ab made from fiber grinding of one a material grit European producer. Grinding material has a firm fiber basis coated with high-strength aluminum oxide grains with grit 24, 36, 40, 50, 60, 80.

Form of disc 2 AB has a depressed center and a bend at the edge of a disc on the periphery. Such a bend provides discs which have greater rigidity at work. A disk placed on the angle grinders through supporting plate.
Bended form of discs periphery allows to process hard-to-reach places in comparison with discs type 2.

Fiber discs of new form have a number of advantages.

  • The greater removal of the processed material occurs due to the excellent cutting action and density of grit application
  • Good adhesion of grit with backing pads material lead to a long service life
  • We have a wonderful grinding result and high productivity thanks to the bended edge of the disc while removing the processed material


Fiber discs applications and processed materials 

  • alignment and polishing of welds in the construction of steel structures
  • multipurpose grinding of bronze and brass
  • polishing of frame, reservoirs and structures made of gray cast iron and steel castings
  • light grinding of molding channels, list edge removing from aluminum castings
  • fin and list edge removing, welds planarization in motor car industry
  • welds smoothing, grinding of edges and product surfaces made of alloy-treated steel
  • roughing work before preparation for painting steel surfaces

Example of reference designation for ordering   -   2Ab  130х22,23  А  40  80

2Аб – discs form

130х22,23 – discs size

А – abrasive material (regular alumina)

40 – Abrasive grit

80 – The maximum RPM -  m/s

Discs are packed in a polyolefin film. There is 25 pieces in a pack.

In each pack of discs there is a label indicating:  disc-shape, size, grit, quantity (PCS) and the bar code. Packs with discs are packed into boxes made of triplex board.

Quantity of discs in a box: 130х22,23 – 200pcs.,  178х22,23  - 100pcs.

 We offer fiber discs of a new form 2 Ab sizes 130х22,23 in SKIN packing for our customers.

You may find all information and photos of products in SKIN packing in our official website

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