Flap butt end wheels. RED and GREEN line 06-02-2014

JSC Luga Abrasive Plant produces and sells flap butt end wheels, RED and GREEN line.
Wheels  "RED" and "GREEN" line produced from coated abrasive of one a European producer.

Characteristics of coated abrasive
  • Cloth base coated by abrasive material which is coated with extra active layer for high-efficiency grinding.

Flap butt end wheels of  "RED" and "GREEN" line intended for processing of all kinds of materials (metal, wood, plastic).
This line is the universal tool and can be used for roughing, prefinishing and finishing work of surfaces, deflashing, removing of rust, paints, lacquers and primers.
We offer for our buyers to try in use wheels of  "RED"  and  "GREEN"  line and find out which line will be the most suitable for you for material processing in this operation.

Technical characteristics of wheels "RED" and "GREEN" line

  • Type of wheels  -   KLT1 (flap butt-end wheel 1) and KLT2 (flap butt-end wheel 2).
  • Wheels size  -  115х22,23; 125х22,23; 150х22,23; 180х22,23. 
  • Material mark  -  A (Regular alumina) 
  • Grit  -  24,36,40,50,60,80,100,120,150,180.
  • “R” production identification code in order- "RED" 
  • “G” production identification code in order- "GREEN" 

The maximum speed is  -  80 m/s

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