Double layer bars in card board packing by 1 ps. 19-12-2012

Double layer bar is a universal tool designed for blades sharpening of any types of knives - kitchen, hunting, pocket.

Abrasive layer of green colour
    • designed for preliminary sharpening - rough removal of metal is the blade if very blunt
Abrasive layer of black colour
    • designed for fine sharpening and blade’s sharpness maintaining
Necessary information – dimension, characteristic, functionality, bar – code – is applied on individual cardboard packing, where manual with recommendations on sharpening is inset.

Technical characteristic
    • Type БП (quadrangular bar)
    • Dimension - 50х20х200
    • Characteristic of green abrasive layer - 63С 90 М 7 V
    • Characteristic of black abrasive layer - 54С 180 К 7 V
    • Packing – by 1 pc in individual cardboard packing
Sample of reference designation at the order
БП 50х20х200 63С 90 М 7 V/54С 180 К 7 V packing by 1 pc.


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