Grinding segment 6C 85x78x50 for mosaic – grinding machines. 27-10-2015

Specialists of Luga abrasive plant have developed a new kind of tool - grinding segment 6C 85x78x50,
in base group of which metal plain washer with nut for thread M10 is pressed in.

Segment is intended for  mosaic – grinding machines.


Application field 
  • attritioning, grinding and polishing of  monolithic overcoat of usual and architectural  concrete, tile floors, polishing of overcoats of stone, granite, marble, granite and marble chips
  • flat grinding and roughing of parts and structures of different steel grades
  • preliminary alignment of horizontal overcoats and removal of overcoats
  • finishing work  with required shagginess and polishing
Segments are made of  the following  materials
  • grinding material - silicon carbide black – 54C
  • brown aluminium oxide  - 14A
  • grit of grinding material F90 – F16
  • binding -  Bakelite
Metal  plain washer  with nut for thread  M10 is pressed in the body of segment

Such construction lets fix segment with the help of screw bolt to holder block of mosaic – grinding machine more durably. Metal  plain washer and anchor nut are situated from the side of  holder block and don’t disturb work.
New rigid mounting prevents falling out of segment during work, which allows to ensure higher safety level.
To install segment with the new mounting on the mosaic – grinding machine modernization of holder block is necessary.
Updating of machines under mounting of segment with screw bolt doesn’t carry great labor costs and material investments. 

Usage of  new grinding segments  allows to increase   working section  of the tool  at 20%   thanks to height decrease  of  holder block  at 6 mm.  Before  modernization  of holder block  working section of segment  was  30 mm, after – 36 mm.
For transportation, storage and protection against mechanical damage the wheels are packed into carton boxes in 18 pieces. Purchasing our new segments, you’ll satisfy yourself  in ideal rate price and quality.
The price  on the new kind of segment 6C 85 x 78 x 50 B with nut  didn’t increase.

At the order  of the wheel lot  for sum beginning with 150 000 rubles  (without VAT) you’ll receive additional discount according to “Regulation  on discounts”, situated  on our web-site on page

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